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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Oracle Taleo Cloud Service and HRMS Integration

Oracle Taleo Cloud Service and HRMS Integration

Taleo offers quick and low-startup cost talent management solution, latest functionalities such as mobility or business analytics and more. It eliminates the operational hassles of procuring and constantly upgrading your hardware, software, anti-virus, firewalls, networks, etc. It has been implemented at over 6500 client sites and is widely known to be a stable and cost-effective solution.

Taleo-HR System Integration
A lot of companies love to use Taleo, not just because of its cloud based solution or unrivaled functionality, but because of its ability to integrates with Internal HR systems where most recruitment software fails to do so.
Coexistence Oracle focused its coexistence capabilities more on Human Capital Management (HCM). There were a lot of early adopters who chose to move to Oracle Fusion Talent Management and yet retain their core HR in a legacy ERP, predominantly Oracle E-Business Suite. The key to coexistence is how well the two systems can be integrated, while your chosen Cloud systems of engagement adds value to your enterprise. Hence, it is always important to consider pushing data continuously into your “systems of record” to keep your data alive.

Why Migrate from iRecruitment?
The following reasons will help you understand why it is important to migrate from iRecruitment.

·         Functionality/Compatibility Issues
·         Single Sign On
·         External Job Board Posting issues
·         Custom Qualifying Questions
·         Resume Review
·         Workflows
·         Automation of Messages
·         Customization of Messages
·         Mobile Capabilities

Taleo Connect Platform
Taleo Connect Server Taleo Connect platform is embedded in the Taleo application. It enables integration via secure gateway using system-to-system type messaging, it accepts only messages using proprietary T-XML wrapped in SOAP envelope. Taleo Connect Client Client-side portion of the Taleo Connect Platform resides in the Client Zone's environment and enables Client Zone to build and execute their own integration processes.

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